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Farm Fresh CSA Veggie Boxes
Seedlings & Seeds

ADK Food Hub has launched its Local Food Online Ordering Platform via the Open Food Network! We are excited to announce that buyers of all scales, from individuals to restaurants to institutions, will now be able utilize the platform to purchase Local Food from across our region. We have created a Sign Up Form that will help us place you into the right ordering group on the platform, based on your delivery location in the North Country. 

Click on the “Sign Up Now” button below to fill out and submit your Sign Up Form, and we will be in touch with you about how you can begin utilizing the Ordering Platform to purchase Local Food. 

Do you want more information about what we have available, and how this new system will work for you? Click on the “Learn More” button for an up-to-date list of products we have available to order, and to learn more about the ordering and delivery process. 

Thank you for choosing to support producers of Local Food in your community. 

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