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WHOLESHARE: a unique way to buy!


 It’s an ongoing opportunity to save money by pre-ordering online and is offered to anyone interested!


Joining is free and simple to do.  Just click here to get started.


More Information:


  • Orders are processed the 2nd Monday of each month.

  • Order deadline is  Mondays at 10 am

  • Pay by credit card when submitting your order.

  • Delivery is in Potsdam


You save 20-25% on retail prices by using Wholeshare.


  • No membership fee!

  • No delivery fee!

  • No individual minimum to order!


You have the option to order individual items like 5 pounds of Russet potatoes….or you buy a “group split” where you’d get 5 pound of bananas in a 40 pound bulk purchase.


What type of products can you buy on Wholeshare?



  • Natural, organic and local foods

  • Personal and household items

  • Goods from Regional Access (Ithaca, NY area- produce and other specialty items)

  • Foods from Tierra Farm (Valatie, NY- organic nuts, seeds, dried fruits)

  • Items from Honest Green (personal & household items)

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